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We have modernized machinery and equipment as well as cutting-edge raw materials and production techniques; moreover, we also have an experienced development team. In terms of equipment, we use Somet ALPHA PGA rapier looms, German Dornier jacquard and Raschel knitting machines. The rapier and air-jet weaving machines are new types of textile equipment that offer high-speed, intelligent processing, automation, versatility, reliability and low failure rates. Through our commitment to innovation, ultramodern technology and superior service, our customers and partners receive optimal benefits.

Dornier Air-Jet
We are using the best machinery such as Dornier Air-Jet looms, the highest productive loom in the world with the best quality and efficiency to produce woven products. It is in use globally as reliable production equipment by renowned fashion weavers. The weaving system promises the necessary flexibility for material properties and production methods for the manufacture of new types of woven structures.

Somet ALPHA PGA Rapier
The looms are equipped for the production of haute couture style. The weaving flexibility of the Somet ALPHA PGA weaving machine has been greatly developed and enhanced. The ALPHA PGA is the most flexible machine with regard to inserting different weft materials and yarn counts into the same fabric (e.g. upholstery). This provides more flexibility, higher efficiency of production and convenience for style changes. The Somet ALPHA PGA is a machine that weaves an unlimited range of fabrics and materials at a high production level.
Laminating Machine
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