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Shirting Collection
Nylon/ Poly

Business Items/ Fabric Types

¡EBag Manufacturing
From prototype to production, design requirements are expertly handled to meet customer satisfaction. The highest quality materials are available from our inventory at the most competitive prices. There is no limit to what can be made, including but not limited to, handbags, totes, purses, wallets, backpacks, suitcases, laptop cases, briefcases and all your product needs.
You need it; we make it.


¡ESpecial Finishes
Fabric finish is an important factor done according to need and purpose. There are multiple uses in our manufacturing that offer the highest quality processed goods. Core finishes are shown below.

UV cut (CIBA Solargard):
For outdoor items and umbrella
Anti-bacteria (Kao/CIBA):
Especially used in medical goods and furniture.
Flame proof:
Mainly used in home decor products to enhance safety and fire retardant ability.
Professional wicking (Across Dry/3M/CIBA):
Absorbent and evaporative to keep the body dry.
Professional soil guard (3M Scotchgard):
Cleaning made easy for garments, outdoor goods and furniture items.






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